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Third times the charm

So I’m 3 weeks behind on weekly updates already. Oops.  The addition of K12 has been a bit of an adjustment, but we’ve also found lots of fun activities to do lately so updating here has been pushed down the list a bit.  I do like to keep track of what we’ve done, though, and … Continue reading

Chalkboard tables and Natural History

Here’s what we were up to last week. Language Arts: Journal questions: Favorite tv show?, What kind of animals would you like to be?, What makes you happiest?, Favorite part of today?, Favorite drink? Creative Writing:  I’m just going to share my favorite answer from each lesson. *What can you write with?: “I can write … Continue reading

1st week wrap-up

So the fact that I meant to write this on Friday and it is now Tuesday night? Probably doesn’t bode well for this blog. I don’t want it to fall completely by the wayside, though, as I’ve started to look at it as sort of our homeschooling scrapbook. I need to set some sort of … Continue reading

Michelangelo and Snowflakes

Here’s what we were up to during our last week before Christmas break. Language Arts HOP Spelling: Number words which somehow led to my making a book for Brady (and your kids, if you’d like, the formatting looks weird on Google Docs but it should be fine when you download & print) with the numbers … Continue reading

Raphael and Simple Machines

Here’s what we were up to last week. Language Arts McGraw-Hill Readers: “A City Horse” and “Perfect Pets” HOP Spelling: word hunt Reading Comprehension: choosing the picture that shows a given action/emotion word Spelling words: food, chop, make, pie, cook, tree Handwriting sentences: Cool cats play cards. Danny dances with a dandy dog. Every evening … Continue reading

Da Vinci and the Mayas

I suppose I ought to get last week’s post up before I write this weeks, huh? Here’s what we were up to. Language Arts HOP Spelling: words with a middle u Scholastic Readers: “Rin Tin Tin: Top Dog in the Movies” and “Make a Difference” Handwriting: seal, sun, shell, seven, turtle, tiger, tie, teach, umpire, … Continue reading

Egypt, Egypt, and more Egypt.

We just wrapped up our Egypt unit tonight with an Egyptian feast from the “Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt” book we checked out from the library. We started with, pita and hummus, cucumbers with yogurt, and grapes Then there was a chicken stew (we subbed tofu and “No Chicken Broth”) A bean and egg … Continue reading

Ancient Egypt and Art in the Round

Here’s what we did in our 8th week of school Language Arts: HOP Spelling: writing or circling a missing word to complete a sentence Spelling words: mom, dad, dog, cat, bird Scholastic Readers: “My Name is Nura” and “The Caves and Lascaux” Reading Comp: Matching animals to their footprints and using clues to answer a … Continue reading

floating grapes and flu bugs

I’m half a week late writing the wrap-up, in part because Brady has his first tummy bug of the season towards the end of last week and we’ve had to play a little bit of catch-up. Here’s what we were up to on our 7th (already!) week of school: Language Arts Scholastic Readers: “Kids Clubs … Continue reading

Pumpkins and Leaves

This week it really started to feel like Fall around here and our school work has definitely reflected that. Here’s what we’ve been up to. Language Arts HOP Spelling: filling in the missing first or last letter in 3 letter words Spelling words: zoo, frog, fish, ape, bear, lion Scholastic Readers: “First Food” and “A … Continue reading