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Great big dinosaur post

We did a dinosaur month last Winter as part of our Science unit and we’re doing another dino week (or maybe 2 or 3, we’ll see how it goes)now as part of our world history curriculum so I thought I’d put all of our prehistoric resources in one place for your little paleontologist. Arts and … Continue reading

Dino Wrap-up

We had so many fun dinosaur activities planned that they spilled over into this week so the wrap-up is a bit late. Letter: S Word family/book: -op/”Sounds” Number: 18 Unifix activity: We played a trading game like the ones we’ve played the last few weeks, but this time we worked with a base 10 system and … Continue reading

Dinosaurs-week 4

Here’s what we were up to last week. Letter: R Word family/book: ‘-it’/“Fishing” Number: 17 Unifix activity: We added “taxes” to our Hawaii 3-0 game from last week.  We rolled twice to collect cubes and then paid back the amount of the 3rd roll. This worked to introduce subtraction and borrowing in a very intuitive … Continue reading

Dinosaur weeks 2 & 3

First a gratuitous sunset picture(taken from the front porch) because I love it so. In the past two weeks we’ve had Paul’s birthday, a slipped disc in my back, a 3 day trip to Portland and an absolutely INSANE Winter storm so schoolwork has fallen a bit by the wayside and we’ve done the majority … Continue reading

Dinosaurs and noses

So we’re doing a dinosaur theme this month and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Here’s the weekly wrap-up. Letter: O Word family/book: -ig/“Big” Number: 14 Unifix activity: Lizard Land game. I modified this game a bit from the rules in our Unifix book. Basically it’s a dice game using a base 4 … Continue reading