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Advent days 11-24

I took a bit more a blog hiatus than I had originally intended, but we had/are having a lovely holiday. We’re not quite done celebrating since¬†we decided to include the Icelandic Christmas trolls this year, a leftover from my own childhood,and we won’t wrap up until January 5th. Here’s what we did for the rest … Continue reading

Raphael and Simple Machines

Here’s what we were up to last week. Language Arts McGraw-Hill Readers: “A City Horse” and “Perfect Pets” HOP Spelling: word hunt Reading Comprehension: choosing the picture that shows a given action/emotion word Spelling words: food, chop, make, pie, cook, tree Handwriting sentences: Cool cats play cards. Danny dances with a dandy dog. Every evening … Continue reading

Summer School

We’re well into our lazy Summer school schedule now, down to basically just keeping up with phonics, geography, and math in any sort of formal way. Here’s what we did this week. Phonics: ch/tch (along with the intro to H.O.P. 1st grade level II) Math: 11 times table Time math: Showing time lapses of 15, … Continue reading

M is for making and baking

So I’m thinking I should have scheduled the entire month of December off instead of just the last two weeks. We were so busy with crafts, our advent activities, and our various countdown methods¬†that we basically moved to an every other day school schedule anyway. Here’s what we did in December. Letters: M/N Word family/book: … Continue reading

Advent calendars and visual schedules

I have a few more pictures to take before I can write the week in review, but I made a couple quick projects this week and I thought I’d share them with you. First, this advent calendar: I’ve been keeping an eye out for an advent calendar for a long time and I can never … Continue reading